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The Beauty of the Lord

Based on “In the Same Room as Jesus” by Philip E. Morrison As we look around the world we live in, it’s easy to become jaded. Earth is a deeply broken place, scarred by the Fall and the pervasive influence of sin. Until the Lord returns, it will remain damaged and corrupt. But let’s not…

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Following God’s Will for our Lives

Have you ever tried to discern God’s will for your life? Ever prayed to know what plans God has for you, or sought divine guidance in your decisions?

There is nothing more important for a Christian than to seek God’s will. Fortunately, God has already told us much of what he desires us to do.

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A New Way to Lead

When you think of a leader, what comes to mind?

A politician? Your parents? A movie star? A primary school teacher?

The world we live in today is full of leaders. But, as everyone knows, not all leaders are doing their jobs very well. If we look at the leaders in our society, we’re likely to see multiple unpleasant characteristics.

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This is the key to your life

It’s not unusual for people like us to look for the key to a meaningful life. 

There was an old man who, after a long, eventful life, had earned enough respect from the people he led to tell them, “This is the key to your life.” The key was simple and straightforward, and it is the focus of this reflection.

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From Death to Life

How did you come to know Christ? Whether you decided to follow Christ in a single instant or gradually felt your heart turn towards Jesus, every story of how Christ wins souls for himself is precious and valuable. We should never feel bad about having a testimony that isn’t as dramatic as others. Every time Jesus transforms a heart is worthy of great celebration.

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Africa’s Bountiful Harvest

Christianity was already spreading in Africa within a few years after Jesus’ resurrection. It was the home of many of the early church fathers. Recently, over the past century, we have seen a bountiful harvest of Christian believers, probably the greatest church growth in Christian history. This church growth is reshaping African societies. Wow!

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