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Defend Until the End

One of the main faults of the modern African church is complicating the gospel and turning it into something that it’s not. On one hand, some fall into the trap of “prosperity doctrine,” says Rev Dr Emmanuel Kwasi Amoafo, author of Stand Up for the Gospel: Getting the Church Back on Track

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The world has become indifferent to the African roots of Christianity. The amount of education about the most influential people, places, and beliefs of Christianity often does not include the role that Africa has played and continues to play in the religion.

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Beauty for Ashes

It’s a big, heavy, painful word that no one ever wants to hear: Divorce. Conversations and resources on this topic coming out of Africa were almost unheard of just a few years ago. We can no longer ignore this subject as it has become even more relevant recently.

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Why Women?

In Jesus’s day, women were not treated equally to men. In fact, they were seen as inferior to men in their purpose and abilities. Even today, the role of women in the world is still undermined. As Christians, we know that the basis of everything that we do, say, and think is love.

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Attraction Actions

Ernest Wamboye, author of Baesics: Run Hard After God. If Anyone Catches Up, Introduce Yourself, asks a very important reflective question: would you marry you? It sounds silly, but it’s quite revealing.

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