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Give a Bible through Oasis and you won’t hurt an African

“What?” you may be asking yourself, giving a Bible may hurt an African? Oasis is passionate about the power of God’s Word to change lives. In fact, our motto is “Satisfying Africa’s Thirst for God’s Word.” But did you know there are at least 200 million Christians in Africa without a Bible?

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Put an End to Revenge

Revenge is a part of human nature, but Jesus’s way is always better. It’s time to put an end to revenge.

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A Pot for Bibles for Children in Africa

Rhonda Mathias, Vacation Bible School teacher, shares how the children in her church raised enough money to get Bibles to 125 children in Africa. “Our VBS (Vacation Bible School) concluded in June 2021 with a very exciting $500 raised for Oasis, mostly in dimes and quarters from piggy banks, for the children’s Bibles in Africa (God’s…

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Psalm 42 Reflection

Psalm 42 is a great psalm not only to speak out loud, but also to constantly remember in any type of situation…

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Keep It Real

The world will encourage you to lie. The world will tell you that “it’s not a big deal” or “a little fib never hurt anyone”. This is the exact opposite of what Jesus commands of us. Jesus said “do not lie”…

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