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Civil War, Linen Closets, and Sheltering in Place

“There were moments that day, two decades ago, that I thought I was probably going to die. Yet, in that terrifying setting, I felt closer to God than almost any other time in my life. “ – LAURA LIVINGSTON, PARTNERSHIPS COORDINATOR, OASIS INTERNATIONAL After hours crammed into the hot, airless space, we felt the hard…

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Biblically and in Africa, health isn’t just avoiding sickness

In times of suffering, the church must show God’s healing and health to the world. As COVID-19 spreads, believers can help others by avoiding public gatherings. But health means much more than avoiding sickness. To be truly healthy, believers must take care of not just their bodies but every part of their being. Let us…

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A good God, a broken world

“All suffering in this world challenges us and challenges our faith. But even worse for our faith is when we suffer as believers. We are his people, he is our God! How can he let all these things happen to us?” – Stuart J. Foster. Highly Favoured: Our Powerful God’s Covenant with You. “The Mumaahi…

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