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Creation and Creator: Psalm 19 Reflection

Inspired by the Africa Study Bible Psalm 19 tells us indirectly about the concept of “special revelation” and “general revelation”. General revelation is the idea that the glory of God can be seen throughout his creation, meaning that everyone on earth must know that there is a higher being even if they have never heard…

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Ethics Simplified

Inspired by the Africa Study Bible Article titled, “Christian Ethics in Africa” Some common phrases circulating in the modern world are, “just be kind”, “love everyone”, and “radiate positive vibes”. Where do these “moral” ideas come from? If the world is full of evil darkness, then how do those who are lost know the difference…

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A Nation that Reads is a Nation That Prospers

Some time ago there was a protest in South Africa over some issues of discontent with government policies. the protest was hijacked and there was looting that went on all over the place. So many shops were looted but surprisingly not a single book shop was broken into, let alone been looted. That tells you a lot.

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The Road to Baesics

When is the right time to marry? How do I know that I am ready? How much money do I need? What if my parents reject my boyfriend because he is from another tribe? Will our different tribal backgrounds make it hard to marry? Do our denominations hinder our future marriage plans? To the best of our knowledge and experience, we answered these and many more. All seemed to be going well until we didn’t answer one…

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Armour Up

The armour of God has the ability to change our daily lives. We know that we will experience hardships, persecution, and warefare during our time on earth. The Bible has warned us about what is to come.

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