Based on “I’d Rather Die on the High Ground” by Namani J. Nharrel

Has your walk with Jesus become boring and routine? Have the words of the Bible seemed lifeless? Is prayer dry? Does God feel distant? Do you yearn to regain joy and passion in your pursuit of Christ?

If so, you need encouragement from your brothers and sisters. You need to be inspired to pursue God more, and be reminded of the wonderous power of Jesus.

But what if the best source of encouragement isn’t a renowned theologian or a seasoned pastor? What if ordinary people—no different from you and me—could renew your love for Christianity? What if you were introduced to the people of Kamukuland?

In the world’s eyes, the people of Kamukuland are nothing special. They are not rich, famous, or powerful. They live in a remote region in northern Nigeria, away from the spotlight. But Jesus has given them a remarkable faith—faith that has overcome dark powers, tragedy, and persecution.

Nigerian missionary Namani Nharrel spent many years witnessing the faith of the Kamuku people firsthand. In his recent book, “I’d Rather Die on the High Ground,” Nharrel shares remarkable stories of how ordinary believers demonstrated extraordinary faith in incredibly challenging situations.

If a Kamuku person wanted to give their life to Jesus, the obstacles were terrifying. False gods like Magiro and Sarauniya hold great influence over Kamukuland. If anyone stopped honoring these dangerous gods, they could expect misfortune and spiritual torment. At worst, they could be afflicted with sickness, calamity, or even death. Trusting Jesus’s promises of protection would mean putting their lives on the line.

The social obstacles are equally daunting. Practicing Christianity instead of idol and ancestor worship would mean that Kamuku converts would be isolating themselves from their community. Many of their former friends would reject them. Their family members would likely despise them. Their life and their identity would have to completely change.

As Nharrel writes, “For an agnostic-turned-Christian to displace their leisure pursuits on Sundays for church involvement is not the same bold risk as displacing Magiro worship for church involvement. Yet this is what new Kamuku believers bravely did.”

These people have become more than conquerors through the power of Christ. By the grace of God, they have been blessed with incredible faith—faith to overcome every challenge that comes their way.

Nharrel praises Jesus for the faith he witnessed in Kamukuland: “The faith of these ordinary people seen in action was exhibited in ordinary day-to-day living. Situations arose that needed divine intervention. The people had learned and knew that the God of their new faith controlled all situations. They approached him in prayer. He responded by overturning situations in their favour.”

When the Kamuku believers were unable to complete their church building, God spontaneously provided the money to afford a zinc roof. When a new Christian prayed for the removal of a bee swarm on his property, it vanished in an instant. Hearts were transformed; rebellious men and women submitted their lives to Christ and learned to show the love of Jesus.

Life circumstances inexplicably shifted, opening doors for the gospel. False gods were defied, evil spirits were cast out, the sick were healed. Kamuku Christians miraculously survived snakebites, curses, poisoned food, and trials before Nigerian rulers. Through it all, Jesus’s name was glorified, and the gospel advanced.

Even today, as the Kamuku believers suffer kidnappings, robbery, and persecution from terrorists, their trust in Jesus has grown stronger than ever before. Though they’ve been forced to leave their homes, they have stood strong in their faith. More than comfort, more than respect, more than safety, they treasure the name of Jesus. Christ is more precious to them than anything else.

If you met Christians from Kamukuland, they would encourage you to put Jesus first in your life. They would remind you of the awesome power of the gospel, and exhort you to live like Jesus is the most amazing person you know.

As you read the short stories of these ordinary believers and the accompanying biblical reflections in “I’d Rather Die on the High Ground,” you’ll be blown away by our extraordinary Saviour. If you’re looking for a reason to praise God again, this book will inspire you to pray with daring faith in our almighty God and to proclaim his deeds among the nations.

As Nharrel exhorts us, “Read and be encouraged by their faith.”

I’d Rather Die on the High Ground will be out soon. Learn more here.

Be inspired to pray with daring faith in our almighty God and to proclaim his deeds among the nations.

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