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Mission and Vision

Our Mission

Grow discipleship through publishing African voices
  • We engage Africa’s most influential, most relevant, and best communicators for the sake of the Gospel. 
  • We create contextual content that meets the specific needs of Africa, has the power to transform individuals and societies, and gives the church in Africa a global voice. 
  • We cultivate local and global partnerships in order to publish and distribute high-quality books and Bibles.

Oasis is: Satisfying Africa’s Thirst for God’s Word.

Our Vision

Oasis will become the first publisher capable of placing a book or Bible in every Christian reader’s hand in Africa.  

Oasis International’s vision is to achieve scale in serving Africa by multiplying sales of books, Bibles, and other content on a sustainable basis. 

We discover authors from Africa and empower them to proclaim their message to Africa and the world.

Across Africa God is raising up men and women to build his church. Many are amazing communicators that have influence in churches, denominations, and even entire regions of Africa. The Africa Study Bible, for instance, includes the work of over 350 contributors from 50 countries.

We develop relevant content with high editorial standards that appeals to a wide Christian audience from African perspectives.

Many African communicators find publishing their own work challenging. Oasis is committed to marrying the beauty of African’s oral cultures with the best of modern editorial and publishing skills. We empower African voices to use both of these to become skilled authors, whose messages will impact both the local and the global church. Oasis’s vision demands paying its authors fairly.

We distribute high-quality books and Bibles with lower-than-average prices and offer our customers higher-than-average discounts.

Oasis prints quality products cost-effectively resulting in affordable books and Bibles with wide distribution. Oasis is developing a digital hub built to meet the specific needs of Africa and a commercial network of distributors and stores across Africa who will earn a fair profit, thus enabling a truly self-sustaining African publishing enterprise to serve the global church.

Oasis’s 3D vision is focused solely on empowering the voices of the vibrant church in Africa as they disciple believers in Africa and speak to the global church.

With your help we can continue to satisfy Africa's thirst for God's Word.



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