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The Real Cure

Inspired by the Africa Study Bible Why is there mass disunity within the worldwide Christian community? Why is there room for hate-filled generalizations to be made about people who call themselves Christians in the first place? If every Christian has Fruits of the Spirit and unique spiritual gifts, where are they and why can’t we…

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The Truth About Counselling

Inspired by the Africa Study Bible Many people assume that counselling is reserved only for people who are struggling with mental illness, stress, or traumatic life circumstances. This is a toxic lie that prevents Christians from getting what they need – a trusted mentor that is older, wiser, and can help them as they travel…

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The Interpretation Declaration

Inspired by the Africa Study Bible When it comes to biblical interpretation, there are many factors that must be taken into account. When one or more of these factors is ignored, room for error arises, causing arguments among the Christian community. Much focus and reliance on the Holy Spirit is required for a student of…

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Start Here

Inspired by Influence: Leading Without Position by Philip E. Morrison and Hankuri Tawus Gaya God instills a passion within everyone that pushes them to new heights. As you are reading right now, you are probably thinking about your biggest passion in life. That one wrongdoing, injustice, or evil that lights a fire beneath you is…

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Love Cannot Get Lost

Inspired By Answers For Your Marriage by Bruce and Carol Britten As co-authors of multiple books and a love story of their own, Bruce and Carol Britten wisely explain that many people do not know what love is in Answers For Your Marriage. They have counseled hundreds of confused couples that have nearly ended their…

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Relationship Status

Inspired by the Africa Study Bible Living in a society that is centered around sex, love, dating, and relationships can be hard as a single person. Singleness wouldn’t seem like a punishment if our world hadn’t made it so. Surrounding yourself with these types of thoughts can make you feel lonely or unwanted. There is…

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