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Does God Have a Place for Single Ladies?

Let’s be honest, being a single woman isn’t easy. Society makes you feel like a second-class citizen. Everyone expects you to get married to the nearest halfway-decent single guy. Loneliness sets in, making it a challenge to stay hopeful. The wait for a husband drags on, with no end in sight. It can even seem like God has forgotten about you.

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The Beauty of the Lord

As we look around the world we live in, it’s easy to become jaded. Earth is a deeply broken place, scarred by the Fall and the pervasive influence of sin. Until the Lord returns, it will remain damaged and corrupt. But let’s not become blind to the most amazing truth about this world: it’s full of incredible, breathtaking beauty.

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Entering the Same Room as Jesus

What motivates God? Why did he send his Son to die for us? Why does he show us patience despite our distracted prayers and feeble attempts to serve him? Why doesn’t God eliminate humanity and create perfect beings to serve and praise him instead? The answer is simple. But don’t let the simplicity distract you from how amazing it is. God loves us.

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Power Encounters are Real in the US

Yesterday I was reviewing a new book on power encounters with spiritual forces. This is still a normal reality in Africa, part of everyday spiritual life in most churches. These seem foreign to many of us in the United States. It is almost another world, to us, one we only see in the Bible when we see Jesus cast out a demon. It is easy to look for an over-spiritualized lesson about the character of Jesus while we put the dramatic or the miraculous power encounter aside. After all, we likely have never seen this in our own lives. This morning my Bible reading is in Acts 13, and I have to say to myself, “Not so fast.”

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God Loves to Use African Leaders!

Which biblical leaders do your kids admire? Maybe Moses or Paul? Perhaps King David or Joseph? There’s definitely no shortage of strong leaders in the Bible; God has gifted many people throughout history with skill in leadership and raised them up to accomplish incredible things. But did you know that some of the great leaders in the Bible are Africans?

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A Children’s Book for African Christians

Every parent knows the importance of giving their kids the right books. Books that will edify and encourage their small hearts. Books that will ground them in their identity and show them who they are. Books that will remind them of how much God loves them. But there are very few books that are designed for children who are both African and Christian.

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