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Why I’ve Been Weeping Over the Death of George Verwer

George Verwer next to a world globe

I knew George was dying. I still hoped to see him in person on my trip through London in late April. I knew it was his time, but that was OK – my visit would be a holy celebration of a life lived for our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. A reason to rejoice, not weep.

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The Ministry of Reconciliation: The Kingdom Antidote to Violence

Surely there are few things if any that are more important in this world than to establish and maintain peace. This can only be done in Nigeria if we break the cycle of violence and poverty. Although I am the director of the Centre for Conflict Management and Peace Studies at the University of Jos, the area of peacemaking is not a part of my professional training and expertise. Therefore, I am not an expert on things like violence, terrorism or banditry.

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Preparing for Marriage

One of the most exciting seasons in a person’s life is when they’re about to get married. Their world becomes a whirlwind of emotions—excitement, nervousness, gratitude, anxiety, joy.

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Wisdom Is Irreplaceable

How much different would the world be if everyone had godly wisdom? What would society look like if everyone had the desire to be wise like Solomon?

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The Faithfulness of the Brokenhearted

I received a call a few weeks ago from a friend…His call turned a down day into a day that I will think about for the rest of my life as a day of wonder and encouragement. I think this story can do the same for you – turn discouragement into hope.

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The Bible Breakdown

One of the most common beliefs of atheists or those who reject Christianity is that the Bible is “fake” or “unreliable.” They have never experienced the Bible for what it truly is. These people do not understand the process of how the Bible was written, compiled, and passed down.

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