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Advice to a dear friend in business

As long as you have been living how God wants you to in the trials of that day, day-by-day lived before the Lord over the years, you are firmly in his plan. This is true in business just as much as it is with me taking the gospel to Africa through Oasis International…

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Six Lessons from Creating the Africa Study Bible

As we get into a new year at Oasis International, there are so many things to be grateful for – we have seen God walk with us as we equip people in Africa for effective discipleship. When I reflect on this monumental work, I am particularly reminded of the…

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Everyone can be an influencer

“Everyone can be influenced by God,” says Hankuri Gaya, “so you have the capacity to influence others … and be a leader anywhere, anytime.” Pastor Hankuri Gaya and Dr. Phil Morrison, co-authors of the upcoming book Influence: Leading Without Position from Oasis International Publishing, recently participated in an online webinar to discuss their new book.…

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Overcoming the Fear of Death

Our worries about sickness reveal a deeper fear that every human shares: the fear of death. Death is one of the worst consequences of humanity’s original sin. This excerpt from Oasis book Overcoming Fear of Death by Richard J. Gehman tells us how faith in Jesus overcomes our fear of death. Whether you live in…

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Why do we suffer – or more importantly, how?

In the current uncertain times, we may not know exactly why we suffer, but God’s word tells us how we can endure. To keep us encouraged, we need to remember that our Saviour suffered with and for us as we read this Africa Study Bible excerpt from the article, “Suffering—God’s Goodness and God’s Power”: Suffering…

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We need preachers from Africa even when we can stream any sermon online

Right now, as social gatherings risk spreading COVID-19, many preachers are quickly having to learn how to deliver church services and sermons online. If you are a preacher in Africa, perhaps you are worried that people will listen to preachers who are famous from their television shows or books instead of you. But God has…

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