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Core Values

Oasis staff is satisfying Africa’s thirst for God’s Word by:


Serving the Global Church

We depend on God in prayer.
We work together with the body of Christ.
We prioritize contextual discipleship over profit.
Key Aspects: prayer, discipleship, contextual, co-labourers, purpose over profit


Implementing Best Business Practices

We strive to work effectively and with excellence.
We collaborate to find creative and sustainable solutions.
Key Aspects: collaboration, sustainable, excellence, creative solutions, effective


Pursuing Godly Character

We love God’s Word.
We serve with humility.
We commit to working and living with discipline, conviction, and integrity.
Key Aspects: lovers of God’s Word, integrity, discipline, humility, conviction


Building Healthy Relationships

We value people as made in the image of God.
We celebrate, communicate, and relate compassionately with others.
We humbly learn from one another.
Key Aspects: people first, celebration, compassion, communication, learning from each other

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