Based on “The Discipler’s Toolkit” by George M. Mutuku and Mark A. Olander

Have you ever tried to discern God’s will for your life? Ever prayed to know what plans God has for you, or sought divine guidance in your decisions?

There is nothing more important for a Christian than to seek God’s will. Fortunately, God has already told us much of what he desires us to do. In Matthew 28:18-19, Jesus tells his disciples, “I have been given all authority in heaven and on earth. Therefore, go and make disciples of all the nations, baptising them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit.”

These words of Jesus, frequently known as the Great Commission, help us confidently know God’s will for our lives: to make disciples of the people around us. After all, this is a commission, not just a suggestion!

But how do we go about making disciples? Experienced disciple-makers George M. Mutuku and Mark A. Olander have wisdom to share. In their recent book “The Discipler’s Toolkit,” Mutuku and Olander offer a practical, hands-on guide to following Jesus’ disciple-making command in an African context. Whether you’re a lay person or in full-time ministry, this book will equip you to make disciples right where you are.

Mutuku and Olander walk us through the four main stages to effective disciple-making: Evangelizing, Establishing, Equipping, and Engaging.

  1. Evangelizing. The first step of making disciples is both incredibly straightforward and incredibly challenging: sharing the gospel with others. Though many obstacles can discourage us, if we persevere through them, we can have the extraordinary opportunity to see people give their lives to Jesus. However, our witness is undermined if we do not live out the gospel we proclaim. Both our lives and our words should be consistent with the truth of Jesus.
  2. Establishing. New Christians are vulnerable Christians, with deep spiritual needs. They need more experienced believers to answer their questions, pray with them, and teach them about their newfound faith. As Mutuku and Olander put it, “Perhaps the best way to think of establishing is to consider it to be spiritual parenting. Just as a newborn child needs the love and care of a mother and father, in a similar way, a new Christian needs the love, provision, and protection that an older, mature believer can provide.”
  3. Equipping. Once the new believers are established in their faith, they need to be prepared for what comes next. After all, being a Christian means more than just having the right beliefs. It means walking in a manner worthy of our calling. Mutuku and Olander point out that “knowing should lead to being. The Christian must demonstrate the qualities that spring from maturity.” Experienced Christians should help new disciples develop these qualities, and train them for a Christian life.
  4. Engaging. Finally, the disciple maker should prepare the new believers for their own gospel ministries. They must be taught that we as Christians are not ultimately focused on only our own spiritual growth. We must go into the world, to pour into the lives of others both near and far. Ultimately, the goal is for new disciples to be sent out to make disciples themselves.

To make effective, spiritually-strong disciples, these four stages must take place. However, this process can take many different forms. It can look like a pastor preaching to a congregation. It can look like a small group leader meeting with a few people. Or it can be an individual, one-on-one ministry. Each of these methods has its own strengths. If possible, all of them should be used together!

Whether our discipleship looks like preaching to a crowd or meeting a younger friend for coffee, the investment we make in the lives of others has the potential to impact eternity itself. As we learn from the wisdom, stories, and practical advice of “The Discipler’s Toolkit,” we are equipping ourselves for a lifetime of service. In fact, serving Jesus by making disciples of those around is one of the most rewarding ways to follow the Great Commission.

As we faithfully obey, we can be confident that we are following God’s will for our lives.

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