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Me, a Leader?

No matter if you believe it or not, YOU are a leader. You may have had some difficult experiences with leadership in the past. Maybe you experienced a failed project that cost you a promotion, an unkind boss…

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Why Context Matters

When people learn in conversation that I work to help Africans write and publish materials to grow and disciple God’s people in Africa, I am often asked the question: “So tell me, what is Africa like?” People who have never visited but have heard a lot of bits and…

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An “Oasis” in the Desert

When I came on board as the Regional Director of West Africa for Oasis International, one of the very first assignments the leadership team gave me was a chance to speak both in-person and remotely with community partners in Nigeria and Ghana. My goal for the assignment was to familiarize myself with their successes and challenges…

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Equip Christians and Grow the Faith

Pastor Mark is a young man with a burning heart for God and a gift for speaking. He was appointed village pastor. At first, Pastor Mark confidently repeated the preacher’s teachings about salvation and repentance. But as time went on, Pastor Mark began to wonder, “What should Christians do after being saved?”…

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Influence is for anyone who is passionate about bringing change

Based in Jos, Nigeria, Hankuri Tawus Gaya, co-author of Influence: Leading Without Position, had the opportunity to talk to radio listeners in Kenya, about his passion for youth and leadership, as well as his experience writing this book. If you haven’t heard about Influence before, we share part of the radio interview here with some…

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Advice to a dear friend in business

As long as you have been living how God wants you to in the trials of that day, day-by-day lived before the Lord over the years, you are firmly in his plan. This is true in business just as much as it is with me taking the gospel to Africa through Oasis International…

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