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Africa’s Bountiful Harvest

Christianity was already spreading in Africa within a few years after Jesus’ resurrection. It was the home of many of the early church fathers. Recently, over the past century, we have seen a bountiful harvest of Christian believers, probably the greatest church growth in Christian history. This church growth is reshaping African societies. Wow!

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I’m a Single Woman, so What Now?

“Wait… you’re single? You must be, what, 40? And you still haven’t found a husband in all that time? Wow, you must be miserable. I’m sure it’s sad to live a life of failure.” Have you heard these words before? Or spend time with people who sure seem like they’re thinking this? Then you’re not alone.

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Leading the Next Generation Leadership Summit(NGLS)

The summit almost didn’t happen. The leadership team’s car broke down. A torrential downpour turned roads into a muddy morass. Attendees faced long and difficult journeys. But by the grace of God, 200 pastors from Nigeria’s Ekiti State received a great blessing from Anchor International Outreach ministry.

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Building Vital Partnerships

It started in a coffee shop somewhere in Wheaton. Across the table sat two gentlemen whom we later learnt were father and son. After the pleasantries, the younger gentleman, in a typical American style said, “let’s get to the point.” Fine, we said. “What about a study Bible for Africa?” He asked. “Not again!”, I quietly said to myself – “another American project for Africa”.

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The Hidden Cost of “Free” Books

Oasis was distressed to find a pirated copy of our book Baesics by Ernest and Turi Wamboye circulating on WhatsApp. Fortunately, an Oasis distributor quickly reported the matter to Ernest. Together, they were able to find out where the file had come from and urge everyone who saw the copy to delete it.

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Rescue from the Darkness

When God saves us, he transfers us out of the domain of darkness, bringing us from death to life. For Cedric Kanana, this transition was literal. Cedric was lost, separated from God by his sin and the powers of darkness, but God delivered him and now calls him his son.

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