By Dr Matthew Elliott, President of Oasis International.

A few thoughts from my trip to Nigeria…

Christianity was already spreading in Africa within a few years after Jesus’ resurrection. It was the home of many of the early church fathers. Recently, over the past century, we have seen a bountiful harvest of Christian believers (read article) — probably the greatest church growth in Christian history. This church growth is reshaping African societies. Wow!

However, many who identify as Christians lack access to the teachings of the Bible that would help them live out their faith in their own context effectively. And, many false teachings are prominent in churches because of the lack of biblical resources. This is what we call the “discipleship crisis.”

Last week as I traveled in Nigeria, I met Bishop Benjamin Jonathan Fuduta of the Lutheran Church of Nigeria, Abuja Division. He desires every one of his 2,000 pastors, representing over 2 million Christians, to be equipped with Africa Study Bibles and other discipleship resources.

Bishop Fuduta receiving Africa Study Bibles from Dr Matthew

 Imagine attending a church service where only a few individuals have a Bible, and others must rely on shared Bibles or oral teachings. It is a reality faced by too many believers in Africa. Oasis is working with Bishop Fuduta and many others like him to grow biblical discipleship. We want to place a book or Bible in every Christian reader’s hand.

Meeting with the Leadership of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) at the CAN Headquarters, Abuja, Nigeria
Matthew Presenting an ASB to CAN leader

Think about what God is doing in Africa the next time you read your Bible. Join Oasis in equipping churches with Bibles. Your support will have a ripple effect, transforming lives and communities through the Good News. Bishop Fuduta and others cannot achieve this alone — they need friends like you to partner with them. 

Dr Elliott’s passion to help leaders in Africa develop and access ministry tools, with content addressing needs in their contexts, has driven him to lead Oasis International for over two decades. Click here to learn more about Dr Elliott.

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