Inspired by Influence: Leading Without Position by Philip E. Morrison and Hankuri Tawus Gaya

God instills a passion within everyone that pushes them to new heights. As you are reading right now, you are probably thinking about your biggest passion in life. That one wrongdoing, injustice, or evil that lights a fire beneath you is what’s called a “trigger”, as Morrison and Gaya would call it. Once a trigger is pulled, there is no stopping the bullet that comes flying soon after. A good influencer knows how and when to pull their trigger. Want to learn more about becoming a good influencer with a refined trigger? Start here.

Step #1: Multiple game plans are a must for an influencer. Not only will each game plan have extensive research and testing to back it up, but it will be followed with passion and involvement. Influencers begin working before anyone else ever joins a mission because the need is great. Influencers explain why the trigger matters to both God and humans.

Step #2: An influencer asks hard questions about technique, processes, attitude, success, etc. because they know how detrimental a mishap can be. By asking these questions, a good influencer will produce clarity and timeline efficiency. As Morrison and Gaya highlight, protection should be one of an influencer’s main goals. The authors of Influence also point out that a good influencer is prepared to listen to any answer that they may hear when it comes to these hard questions. Influencers implement those answers into their plan of action because they are focussed [MMB1] on the future outcome, not the challenges that the answers sometimes present. Influencers know how to turn those answers into a learning experience that will benefit an entire team.

Here is a list of example questions to ask compiled by Morrison and Gaya:

  1. What was done well?
  2. What could be done better the next time?
  3. Where do I want to be? What goal do I want to achieve?
  4. Where am I now? What resources do I have?
  5. What obstacles are stopping me from getting to my destination?
  6. How do I get to my destination? What steps or strategies can I take?

Refer to this list when your next chance to influence arises. Answer the questions in the order that they are listed above. Writing down or typing out your answers gives you a tangible game plan going forward that will keep you on task at all times.

Step #3: Patience is the differentiating factor between a good and a bad influencer. A bad influencer jumps the gun and pulls their trigger too soon, which can cause setbacks or even failure. A good influencer values patience and wisdom when it comes to their trigger. Patience not only makes one stand out among other influencers, but it also produces success.

Step #4: A good influencer never takes the easy way out. From an influencer’s point of view, it is much easier to become a perfectionistic tyrant with a selfish attitude. Morrison and Gaya state that “…God calls us to be faithful and to have endurance and to persevere.” None of the three commands in this sentence are easy. The authors of Influence use David and Daniel as two exemplary figures of this type of mindset. Both people stepped out of their comfort zone, problem-solved, asked questions that made them better, and fought against evil through God’s power – none of which are easy tasks.

Daniel and David were men of integrity that sought out God’s plan for every step of their lives. They had patience when no one else in their circle did. They set the tone for the rest of the story to take place as we know it. They were available for God’s use. Jesus, Daniel, David, Ruth, Esther, Moses, Deborah, Abraham, and the list goes on of biblical influencers in all different types of situations. Want to become a good influencer? Start here: take a look at what Scripture has to say about influencing and let God begin a mighty work in you.

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