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There are over 270 million children in sub-saharan Africa and many of them don't have a Bible which is used as a textbook for religious instruction in schools and Bible clubs.

You can help get 30,000 Bibles to school children and help them grow their faith.

Just $40 puts easily understandable Bibles into the hands of 10 students and up to $500 funds a school.

Every Bible you provide is an investment in the life of a child and the future of the church in Africa, where the church is growing faster than anywhere else in the world.

Oasis's partners like Scripture Union, Association of Christian Schools International, and AWANA are working on the ground to provide school children with their own Bible. You can place a Bible in a child’s hands and impact the rest of their life.

Partner with Oasis to ensure that the leadership of tomorrow's church is being grounded in the Word of God today.

New, young believers need Bibles to grow their faith.

“These three young men accepted Christ today and the first thing they asked was if I can get them a Bible each and I was very glad that the Lord had already made a way.”

—Jjuuko Robert, Founder of God Watching Over Us Children Ministry, Uganda, on receiving the New Living Translation: Africa Edition Bibles to youth in ministry

A Pot for Bibles for Children in Africa

What happens when 120 kids in the U.S. are challenged to provide a Bible for a fellow kid in Africa?

Do you remember getting your first Bible as a child?

When Bishop Okoh first learned to read at the age of seven, his father witnessed him silently reading entire passages from the family Bible. His father bought a Bible for him. Okoh said,"I was so happy to own my very first property with my name on it. It would be my own Bible."

Watch Archbishop Okoh tell his story.

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